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Saved my life and my car saved me a fortune
Tony Hall
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February 27, 2016

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The DPF Doctor is partnered with JLM Lubricants, the global leader in the highest quality additives that work both as preventives and as problem solvers. JLM provide products to professionals in the automotive industry.
The most important values to JLM Lubricants are maintaining the lowest CO2 emissions possible and preventing repairs.

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Fantastic! Worth the visit. Now holiday can begin with peace of mind.
Jo-Anne Timmins
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August 8, 2017

DPF Warning Light

Are You Seeing The DPF Warning Light?

The DPF warning light can come on for many reasons.

In many cases, the DPF light does not actually mean that you have a fault, it can be an indication that you simply need to take the car for a journey of around 20 minutes at around 60mph to allow the vehicle to do an active regeneration. If the light goes out after an extended drive then the DPF has successfully regenerated. However, sometimes the filter is blocked which can be caused by mostly driving slow and short journeys and a DPF clean may be necessary in this case.

If the DPF warning light stays on, or if you find that you are having to drive the car on extended journeys more often to allow regeneration there is most likely an underlying fault elsewhere.

Every DPF Doctor agent is trained in DPF fault finding and has the knowledge to get to the root cause of the fault.
Once it is diagnosed we can resolve the issue and perform a DPF clean.

A DPF Doctor agent won’t ever perform a DPF clean without diagnosing the any underlying faults that have caused the DPF light to come on. The advantage of this is that you are getting a first time fix without any guesswork.

On a regular basis we see misdiagnosed faults, customers quoted thousands of pounds for repairs or replacements and expensive, time consuming DPF removals to be sent away to be cleaned. To accurately diagnose a problem, you must fully understand how the system and any associated components work including ECU software strategies and logic.

We will clean your DPF on your vehicle and the whole process usually takes 2 to 3 hours. The time can vary and is dependant on diagnosing the problem too and any associated repairs needed. We will then reassess the car to verify a successful repair.

Once we have completed our work on your vehicle we will offer advice on future care and preventative measures.

Do you recommend DPF additives?

Yes, additives can really help to prevent DPF problems that are caused by short journeys. We recommend JLM DPF Regen Plus as a preventive additive Diesel DPF Regen Plus 250ml

For partially blocked DPF’s caused by short journeys (with no system failures) then we recommend using JLM DPF Cleaner Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 375ml

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Had problems with the DPF on my Jaguar 3.0 v6s, also had the engine warning light on, I took my car to Peter at Walkergate, the diagnostic check showed faults with the DPF and turbo but Peter was excellent and sorted all faults.The car seems more responsive, don’t know if thats just wishful thinking. He asked me to call in again next week for a free diagnostic check just to make sure no faults have returned. Peter was great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and DPF doctor to anyone !
Jez Hulbert
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August 2, 2017