2008 BMW X3 2.0D Multiple faults & blocked DPF – Fixed & Cleaned

DPF Clean BMW X5 Canterbury Kent

2008 BMW X3 2.0D Multiple faults & blocked DPF

Faults rectified and DPF cleaned on 25/05/18

This X3 was brought to us with a total lack of power due to a suspected blocked DPF.

A quick test of the DPF pressures confirmed it was indeed blocked.

Before cleaning the DPF it is vital to diagnose why it has blocked in the first place.

After carrying out diagnosis we discovered multiple fault codes stored within the engine management system; all of which had the potential to affect the DPF.

Using our skills and equipment we developed a test plan and piece by piece we diagnosed and rectified each fault.

Finally a DPF clean and an extended road test were completed confirming the repair.

DPF Clean on a BMW X5 in Canterbury Kent