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2009 Ford Focus – DPF being Blamed

DPF Assessments in Falkirk

2009 Ford Focus 1.6 113k miles

This vehicle came to us after having an EGR & Cooler fitted at the Dealership at the beginning of January and an Injector fitted at another garage a few weeks later .

Then the DPF got the blame for being blocked.

We carried out our initial assessment and found the DPF was not blocked (7mbar) .
Fault codes present related to MAF range performance & Fuel flow.

After digging a little deeper we found a plethora of problems that should’ve been picked up earlier.
In fact we’re surprised it drove in .

The Turbo had gone filling the MAF and Air filter with oil , Cylinder 1 injector was leaking combustion gasses causing a buildup of carbon ( why replace 1 injector and not fix this? ) An inlet manifold and cylinder head ports that had more carbon in them than the Welsh valleys !

All faults rectified car back on the road

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DPF Assessments in Falkirk



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