2016 Hyundai i800 DPF Blocked – Fixed and Cleaned in Falkirk

Date –
January 17th 2019
Accredited Member –
Location –
Falkirk, Stirlingshire
Vehicle –
Nissan Qashqai with 30k miles
Problems –
2016 Hyundai i800 2.5 Euro 6
Fault Codes –
P20C9, P2BAE and U02A3
Service –
DPF assessment, DPF Fix and DPF Clean
Result –
Customer complain Engine light on and Adblue message on dash.

Customer had been referred to us by another garage. Our initial assessment showed up a few fault codes 2 in the ECU module and 1 in the SCR module. The Adblue tank was low so we filled the tank . Which took care of the level fault in the SCR module.

Completing the assessment showed the DPF was blocked we carried out The DPF Doctor 3 stage clean followed by an engine service .

An extended road test was then carried out but we were unhappy with the way the vehicle drove a lack of power. At this point we kept a hold of the vehicle for further checks no fault codes were present at this point .
The following day another road test was carried out and tracking data eventually a fault code was thrown up for network communication . U02A3.

This was caused by a faulty sensor pulling the communication network down. The sensor was replaced and the ECU software was updated.

Once we were happy with the vehicle it was returned to the customer.

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Hyundai DPF Cleaning in Falkirk