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The DPF Doctor TV – Weekly Video Episode One

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Welcome to THE DPF Doctor TV!! Our new weekly episodes aim to keep you upto date with what is going on and also to answer frequently asked questions. If you have a question for us, why not send us a message and we can answer it in future episodes…

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The DPF Doctor Network Continues To Attract The Top Technicians.

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The DPF Doctor, formed in 2016 by Darren Darling, is a network of professional diagnostic technicians that has seen its members grow to over 50 around the UK. What is most impressive about this is the sheer quality of the technicians and also how they all work together to share their vast knowledge and experience.

If you don’t know what a DPF is then it is a Diesel Particulate Filter. A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. This reduces the particulate emissions going into our atmosphere and meet the standards required to improve our air quality.

From time to time these DPFs can become blocked. It may be blocked because your vehicle has only been driving at a low revs for short distances, however, in many cases the DPF blockage is a symptom of another fault rather than the cause. For a successful DPF regeneration, the vehicle needs to be driven on a journey for about 20 to 30 mins with the revs above 2,000 rpm or around 60mph. If the DPF warning light does not go out then you should seek professional assistance.

If the DPF warning light stays on, or if you find that you are having to drive the car on extended journeys more often to allow regeneration there is most likely an underlying fault elsewhere.

This is when it is important, and cost-effective, to have a professional diagnostic technician look at your vehicle and diagnose the fault(s) that may be causing your issue. Simply plugging in a DPF cleaning machine will only treat the symptom – not the cause and will therefore only result in a short term fix. In fact The DPF Doctor has seen an startling rise in misdiagnosed DPF problems leading to thermal damage to the DPF which results in the vehicle requiring a costly replacement.

This is where The DPF Doctor leads the way in DPF cleaning and diagnostics.

The DPF Doctor Network

The DPF Doctor has so far received around 400 applications to join their network. There is a thorough checking procedure and all applicants must be a fully qualified vehicle technician with a forward thinking mentality and great customer service skills. All new agents attend a DPF training course which is followed up with regular refresher courses and the backup of full-time technical support.

Some new and recent additions to the team include…

Shaun Miller, Millers Garage, Newbury. Shaun was a close runner-up in Top Technician 2017.

Karl Weaver, Bull Lane Garage, Faversham Kent. Winner of the 2017 Top Technician award.

Dave Massey, ADS Automotive Ltd, Preston. Son of the legendary technician Frank Massey and a well respected technician in his own right.

Clive Atthowe, Clive Atthowe Tuning, Norwich. Clive won Top Technician in 2007 and came second in 2011. Clive won a national Crypton Technician competition three years in a row. Clive is also a Bosch Master Technician and came second place in the Bosch World Cup in 2002.

And, they of course, join some of our existing, highly respected technicians that include…

Darren Darling of Energy Tuning Ltd, Steven Paterson of Krypton Garage, Dave Hill of London Road Garage and Darren Cotton of AVC to name but a few.

DPF Clean Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai DPF Clean

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A Case Study on a Nissan Qashqai with a very badly blocked DPF which was showing lots of back -pressure.

We soon had this vehicle back on the road though.

Visit Energy Tuning’s DPF Doctor page at The DPF Doctor @Energy Tuning

DPF Clean JLM Lubricants

A Step Forward with JLM

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In the words of JLM founder and CEO Gilbert Groot “Our only reason for existing is quality. It comes before anything. With our synthetic performance oil, JLM Advance we have produced a product made by the same company that blends oil for the biggest oil brands in the world. Our oil is mixed to the same formula and technically equivalent to OEM standards. We have developed it in response to our distributors in Europe and Asia asking for an oil with the JLM name on it.”

DPF Clean VW Amarok Kent

2014 VW Amarok was showing fault P2002

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2014 VW Amarok was showing fault P2002

The DPF Doctor @D.V.S – Dynamic Vehicle Services based in Dover, Kent.

The DPF was actually clean on this occasion but had failed some regeneration attempts.

After a number of checks we found some parameters to be out of range so replaced to component and used our main dealer level tool to correct its values.

Then a data logged road test was carried out which showed the vehicle being able to complete a regeneration on its own as it’s now showing no faults and in spec.

All done at a fraction of the cost of main dealer.

DPF Clean on a VW Amarok in Dover, Kent

DPF Clean in Stoke

DPF Clean Ford Transit in Stoke

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Ford Transit with a clogged filter and soot content rising.

A mechanical problem with the cooling system was stopping natural regeneration and with this resolved and a replacement pressure sensor fitted as it was out of range.

A 3 stage clean restored the filter to 3MB at idle.

Further re sets on the road ensured regeneration was operating correctly for trouble free motoring.

DPF Cleaning in Stoke

DPF Clean in Ashington on an Audi A4

Audi A4 DPF Clean in Ashington

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A DPF Clean on an Audi A4 at our DPF Doctor HQ in Ashington, Northumberland…

DPF Clean Peterborough

BMW Successful DPF Diagnostics and Clean

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Another successful DPF Diagnostics and Clean
Pressures were so high, the pressure tester maxed out

Not only cleaned the DPF but found what was causing the DPF to block up by evaluating and testing the components

Pressures were bought down to 5.4 mbar after the clean

All fixed and ready to go

The DPF Doctor@Emissions Service Centre

DPF Blocked DPF Clean Peterborough

DPF Clean Peterborough DPF Cleaning

DPF Clean Peterborough DPF Blocked

DPF Clean Peterborough DPF Pressure

DPF Clean Peterborough BMW

DPF Clean Fife

DPF Clean A Peugeot 407 1.6 HDI

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A Peugeot 407 1.6 HDI in with emissions light on and lacking in power. Carried out a 3 stage Dpf doctor clean – the car is now back on the road with emissions light out power fully restored!

DPF Doctor Fife Page…

DPF Cleaning in Fife DPF Blocked

DPF Clean in Fife Peugeot

DPF Cleaning HQ Garage

DPF Cleaning Peugeot Fife

DPF Clean in Fife

Blocked DPF Nissan X-Trail

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A Nissan X-Trail recovered to us this week with a DPF filter so badly blocked the car wouldn’t drive. After a succesfull 3 Stage Dpf clean the vehicle is now back on the road.

Before committing to the expense of a DPF Filter replacement give us a call and see what we can do .

View our DPF Doctor Page..
16 Ridge Way, Dalgety Bay, KY11 9JN

DPF Clean in Fife

DPF Cleaning Company in Fife

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