DPF Doctor and JLM Lubricants team up to accelerate business network growth.

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The DPF Doctor and JLM Lubricants today announced a partnership to help grow the network of garages across the UK to quickly and easily solve DPF related problems.

The goal of this joint effort is to grow the DPF Doctor network from 40 to 200 garages in the UK by the end of 2018. The DPF Doctor network is a first-of-its-kind DPF advice service and is owned and run by Mr. Darren Darling from his Ashington HQ operation in Northumberland. Members of the DPF Doctor network gain access to a proven DPF cleaning system, along with hands on training that will give the new Doctor everything needed to make a professional assessment and subsequent repair.

Gilbert Groot, Founder of JLM Lubricants says:” JLM will not only supply the DPF Cleaner products to the DPF Doctor network, but will also bring unlimited marketing- and technical support to the partnership. This is a true win-win situation for both parties not only in the UK but also in international markets.

Mr. Darren Darling adds: “We know that JLM Lubricants DPF cleaner is the best product for the job because we’ve experienced the benefit ourselves with over 600 successful DPF cleans per year in our own workshop alone.”

“The combination of the powerful JLM DPF Cleaner product, with expert knowledge and technical and marketing support are crucial for today’s garages facing an increase in DPF faults. And through this partnership, we’re able to help even more businesses to tap into the incredible capabilities that the DPF Doctor ecosystem can deliver.”

Besides providing the training to bringing new members up to speed on the technologies and procedures, the DPF Doctor network also has its own technical support line, backed up with access to a private forum, which allows members to interact ‘live’ with the whole network of Doctors across the UK and beyond.

At any time, someone within the network will have the experience or information needed, so that the job moves forward and the customer gets a cost effective solution to their DPF problem.

For more information regarding the DPF Doctor and JLM Lubricants partnership, please visit or Or go to JLM’s exclusive UK distributor

About JLM
At JLM Lubricants, we consider clean, efficient mobility important. We develop demonstrably effective products that keep internal combustion engines in peak form. Our fuel additives work both as preventives and as problem solvers. We provide products of the highest quality to professionals in the automotive industry. The most important values in this are maintaining the lowest CO2 emissions possible and preventing repairs.

VW Passat 2.0 TDI DPF fault P2463 fixed!

This poorly VW Passat was brought into our Ashington HQ in limp mode with fault code P2463 stored. Our diagnostics checks revealed that a sensor was giving incorrect data and this was affecting the cars ability to regenerate. The DPF back pressure was also excessive with a ‘Devilish’ 666mb at 2000rpm and 107mb at idle! We replaced the sensor with a genuine part that we keep in stock and quickly had these pressures back in range with a healthy 4mb at idle after our 3 stage clean and extended road test.

Trust the professionals!

VW Passat

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDI EGR valve & DPF problems fixed in Ashington…

This poorly Peugeot was towed in to us by the RAC as it would not drive. The car would run for a short time then cut out…..

We diagnosed that the EGR valve was stuck open and this had in turn caused the DPF filter to block and cause the non running situation! We rectified the EGR valve fault first and followed this with our 3 stage DPF clean and the car is now back to full power and running like a dream

peugeot 207

Non runner Nissan Juke 1.5 DCI DPF problem P047B fixed in Ashington….

This poorly Nissan Juke was recovered into our Ashington HQ from a local garage. The car had broke down due to a split boost pipe that caused the DPF to block so badly that the car would only run for a few seconds at idle before cutting out…… They fitted a new boost pipe and brought it to us to tackle the DPF….. The DPF back pressure at idle was a massive 917mb before the engine stalled! Within a few hours we had the car back to full health with a healthy 6mb at idle! An extended road test and regeneration was then carried out to verify that the system was now functioning correctly.

Another great result for The DPF Doctor!

Nissan Juke

Seat Leon 1.6 TDi DPF Fixed in Canterbury!

The owner of this vehicle was referred to us by a local Seat specialist. The vehicle had developed a fault causing the engine management, glow plug and DPF lights to illuminate on the dash.
We carried out a full diagnostic session which revealed a fault code for the intake throttle control valve. On initial inspection we could see the part had already been replaced. After carrying out some further testing using a combination of specialist tools including our VAG OEM diagnostic software and an oscilloscope we were able to determine that there was an open circuit in the wiring harness between the engine computer and the valve itself. A new wiring harness is expensive and is very labour intensive to fit. The vehicle was a driving instructor’s car so minimal downtime vital. We narrowed down the section of wiring where we believed the fault to be then opened it up which revealed the broken wire we suspected. After soldering in a 2 new wires and resealing the harness we carried out a an extended drive cycle so that we could observe DPF regeneration taking place and verify the repair.

Another satisfied customer!

If you are experiencing DPF issues in Canterbury, including warning lights, loss of power and poor fuel consumption please contact us on 01227 751537 / 07793 144997 or email us at


2012 Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi – DPF Cleaning Service and Vehicle Health Check carried out by our Bristol Agent @ Avon Tuning

Pre clean diagnostics highlighted a faulty pressure sensor reading 0 at all times which resulted in a P2002 fault code to be stored. The faulty pressure sensor also prevented the DPF from regenerating successfully which caused the DPF to saturate with carbon.

After replacing the DPF Pressure sensor and carrying out our 3 stage cleaning service the vehicle was back on the road and out of limp mode with no more warning lights.

Professional DPF cleaning and diagnostics carried out by the DPF Doctors @ Avon Tuning.2012 Ford Kuga

Nissan Qashqai 1.5 in for a DPF clean.

This customers boost hose burst and within a few short miles the DPF blocked up solid then required a recovery to our workshop as they couldnt drive above 5mph!

After our FREE dpf health check we found the DPF filter to be above 1 bar of pressure.

Using our experience coupled with the fantastic DPF cleaning kit we revived another DPF saving this customer ££££££££.Nissan Qashqai

Subaru Forester 2.0D DPF problem P1469 fixed…

This Subaru came into our Ashington HQ with DPF problems and fault code P1469 stored. Our DPF assessment showed that this was caused by excessive soot accumulation in the DPF. Our further checks revealed that the cause of the excessive soot accumulation was a boost leak. We repaired the boost leak and carried out our 3 stage DPF clean before checking that the DPF system

was now functioning correctly.Subaru Forester

Vauxhall Astra DPF problem P2463 fixed!

This car came in from a local trade customer in need of the DPF Doctor.

We carried out our in depth diagnostic analysis and established the DPF was badly blocked and pin pointed the root cause down to a faulty sensor.

We keep most common sensors in stock which are all genuine manufacturer parts so we replaced the faulty sensor and carried out a 3stage DPF clean to get the car back on the road and fault free.Vauxhall something

Volvo S40 1.6D DPF problem fixed at our workshop in Carluke, South Lanarkshire.

This Volvo came in with a badly blocked DPF and upon diagnostic investigation we discovered a poor repair to a section of wiring loom to one of the DPF sensors was causing regenerations to fail, resulting in the DPF choking up.

Once we repaired the wiring loom properly we then carried out our 3 Stage DPF clean to get the car running great again with no more warning lights or limp home mode.

Volvo s40