DPF Cleaning Ford Focus ST in Norwich

DPF Cleaning Ford Focus ST in Norwich

At the DPF Doctor Norwich this week a Ford Focus ST 2.0 CRD P2002

This vehicle had previous repair attempts including a new sensor to no avail.

After carrying out our initial assessment we were able to identify an underlying issues preventing regeneration , the wiring for the new sensor that had already been fitted was broken.

Once fixed we were able to carry out our on car three stage cleaning process restoring normal DPF operation without removing or replacing the DPF saving the customer considerable expense.

We are able to offer our customers advice on how to look after their DPF to prevent further issues along with a free of charge follow up after a period of time \ mileage to confirm correct continual operation giving the customer piece of mind with a correct repair.

We are trained and accredited members of the official DPF Doctor network for everything DPF and SCR related.