We are a Professional Network of DPF Cleaning and Diagnostic Specialists.
The key to success with DPF cleaning is professional diagnostics and ensuring the correct procedure is followed.
Our DPF diagnostics, vast knowledge and experience are what sets us apart.

Our Agent package includes
  • Your Starter Cleaning Kit
  • 20 Cleaning Fluid Packs
  • Full and Ongoing Training
  • Your Own Page on The DPF Doctor Website
  • Your Own Personalised DPF Doctor Logo
  • Checklist / Report Sheets
  • Agent Technical Phone Support
To Apply to Become A DPF Doctor You must:
  • Be A Fully Qualified Vehicle Technician
  • Be A Legitimate, Full-Time Business
  • Have Diagnostic Tools and Experience
  • Have Appropriate Motor Trade Insurance
  • Be Willing To Attend Our In-House Training

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Testimonials from some of our agents..

Being a small family business we needed to move forward with the times. I wasn’t a big fan of some of the products out there but we needed to move forward with the times and offer something special as alot of people were struggle with DPF problems including main dealers. We pride ourselfves in doing the best job possible but also saving our customers bank balance in the process. After speaking to darren at The DPF Doctor HQ I knew this was something I wanted to be part of and new from the start it would be something good. It wasn’t a short conversation, he explained what they did and I knew straight away that his knowledge would be an asset to me. Learning from the training team was something that not only help teach us new things but refreshed us too as we don’t always see the same vehicle. I’m happy to be part of the dpf doctor network and glad were part of something that’s not only big but great too.

Motatalk Garage Services
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DPF work represents a big portion of the work that we all see in our workshops these days & tackling these problematic systems can often prove to be a head scratcher of an experience. For many mechanics, the process of diagnosing & repairing the multitude of different systems presents a tough challenge & one that often proves to be a challenge too far, resulting in countless components being replaced unnecessarily. Everyone surely knows that a diagnosis which includes the deployment of a fully loaded parts cannon, will only result in a bad experience for the customer & most likely a heated discussion when the bill is discussed. There are no winners in this situation & the garage’s reputation will soon suffer. For those wishing to gain a foothold into a more professional approach, there is a solution in the form of the DPF Doctor network.

London Road Garage
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I’ve been a diesel specialist for many years closely following the evolution of the systems. This lead me into dpf diagnostics. I’ve used all the leading brands with varied levels of success, attended multiple training courses to gain the ability to understand the systems.
Since making the decision to join the Dpf doctor network my success rate in repairing dpf issues has risen dramatically. The constant information and support from some of the country’s top names in diagnostics, the ever evolving procedures . The ability to confidently see the jobs through form start to finish. The out of hours networking. The training with years of experience. All this coupled with a fantastic product makes for a sound and profitable business choice.

dpf cleaning reviews


As one of the first companies to join the DPF Doctor network we have seen the network evolve considerably over the last 12 months. The quality of diagnostic professionals present within the network is immense and the information shared between members on the network is truly priceless.

Most people think they are just purchasing a DPF Cleaning tool and a spot on the website. This is not the case, you are buying into a network with some of the best diagnostic techs in the country ready to help you when needed. The training and ongoing tech support helpline is great, and you will need it. DPF’s in principle are simple, but the software strategies employed by the ECU to control the DPF and the regeneration process is complex, therefore training and tech support is vital.

Don’t forget the DPF doctors do not just clean DPF’s, we investigate the reason behind the blockage by testing components and interrogating live data. Without the inside knowledge the network can give you, carrying out a DPF cleaning service successfully and correctly could be a minefield.

Avon Tuning
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I’d been offering a DPF cleaning service for a couple of years before I found out about the opportunity to join the DPF Doctor network. I knew of the setup and how well respected Darren Darling was in the automotive community, but was truly unaware of the actual set up and potential of the DPF Doctor network.

After some initial phone conversations I was sold on the idea and the ethos behind it. I was never looking to just buy a tool (I already had those after all) but wanted to be part of something genuine, not sales or profit driven, and this is what the network offers. Unlimited training, technical support and a wealth of knowledge were available to me from the outset and gave me the opportunity to better myself and really improve the way I worked, not only in regards to DPF’s but the whole scope of my business.

The DPF Doctor network involves some of the highest regarded diagnostic technicians in the country, if not the world and the knowledge they offer is astounding. I was under the impression I was working at a high level until I joined the network and I soon realised just how many gaps I had in my knowledge. Not only is the community highly skilled an knowledgeable, its also unbelievably helpful. On any given occasion with a troublesome job, the team will work together to offer solutions for even the most complex of problems. I can’t think of a time when a problem wasn’t solved promptly thanks to the resources available.

The network offers me the chance to grow my business and offer the best possible service to my customers. Being part of a recognised, respected brand is priceless and I can honestly say its one of the best things I’ve ever done!

Dunsfold Diagnostics / NBA Sports Cars
dpf cleaning reviews


We decided to join the DPF Doctor network around 18 months ago because we understood that the network was run by actual technicians who were working hands on with DPF problems day in day out and not just salesmen out to generate sales.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength with our knowledge base and skill set continually growing due to an excellent ongoing training and support structure that is in place. There are regular refresher training days at the HQ to keep up to date with new developments, diagnostic tips and techniques as well as a dedicated support helpline. The network is continually growing which also forms another avenue of support with priceless information constantly being shared amongst members and some of the UK’s leading diagnostic technicians are on hand to help when needed.

You aren’t just simply buying a DPF cleaning tool…… you are joining a specialist network which means diagnosing the reason for the DPF blockage is critical so that we can offer a complete solution for customers and the ongoing training and support is crucial in helping us achieve this.

As a result of the excellent reputation we have built up as the local DPF Doctor we regularly secure DPF related work from Local Council Authorities, Main Dealerships and many independent repair garages as well as retail customers.

I can’t recommend the network highly enough as it has helped transform our business and would urge other technicians considering joining, to go for it!

ACR Tuning
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