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Ford Transit with Blocked DPF Fixed and Cleaned in Falkirk, Stirlingshire

2014 Ford Transit 2.2 100k miles Passed to us from a trade customer. Initial scan showed P2463 Soot Accumulation. Soot level over 200% After carrying out the pre clean assessment and checking live data we…

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Toyota Rav 4 DPF Cleaned in Falkirk

2013 Toyota Rav 4 This job was referred to us by a trade customer who had just serviced the car but didn’t want to take on the DPF problem. After carrying out the pre clean…

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Ford S-Max with Faults Rectified and a DPF Clean in Falkirk

2012 Ford S-Max, This DPF was badly blocked caused to a few failures in the system which were picked up in the pre clean assessment. Once the faults were rectified The DPF Doctor 3 stage…

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