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Volkswagen DPF Clean in Canterbury

Volkswagen DPF Clean in Canterbury

Volkswagen Transporter T6 2.0 TDi
Electrical faults and blocked DPF

Faults diagnosed and rectified on 17/08/18

Despite having over 100k miles this 2017 T6 was in pristine condition. It is used solely for airport runs and runs and is exceptionally well maintained.

Recently the vehicle had developed a fault and the dealer had replaced a sensor purely based on a fault code. Clearly no testing had taken place.

When this didn’t rectify the fault they quoted for a new DPF and various other parts totalling in excess of £2000! Reluctant to pay this, the customer contacted us.

We set about our routine diagnostic procedure and straight away the fault codes directed us to testing one of the engine sensor circuits.

Straight away we could see a new one had been fitted and after further inspection we found some damaged wiring that when shorted would create the fault code we were seeing and also prevent regeneration taking place.

The wiring was repaired.

Testing of the DPF pressures showed us that the soot level was way too high for regeneration so we carried out our 3 stage clean.

Due to the vehicle only being 1 year old, none of the generic diagnostic tools could carry out the necessary adaptions to fully reset the system and extinguish the warning lights.

Fortunately being specialists means we have invested in the same diagnostic equipment that the franchised dealers use- in this case “ODIS” which covers VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda. This gives us the ability to carry out diagnostics and repairs that other garages can’t and also beyond level of that of the franchised dealers.

A new DPF would not have fixed this fault. All that was required was the skills and equipment to test and the faulty circuit.

This vehicle was back on the motorway earning its keep within 24 hours and for less than a fifth of the price quoted by the dealer.

Volkswagen DPF Cleaning Company in Canterbury



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