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BMW with Blocked DPF – Cleaned in Newcastle

BMW 116d in recently with the fault codes 480A and 481A, these are common codes for the BMW range when having a blocked DPF. After our 3 stage clean using The DPF Doctor methods this…

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2008 BMW X3 2.0D Multiple faults & blocked DPF – Fixed & Cleaned

2008 BMW X3 2.0D Multiple faults & blocked DPF Faults rectified and DPF cleaned on 25/05/18 This X3 was brought to us with a total lack of power due to a suspected blocked DPF. A…

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BMW 318 with DPF Problems in Falkirk

Customer informed us the DPF light was on on his 2008 BMW 318 with 102K miles. We carried out our pre-clean checks and found various faults as well as poor servicing. After repairing the faults…

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